Approve of Yourself

Today I’m sharing a few musings from a 40-something entrepreneur and mom and what she knows now.


Listen to yourself. I didn’t listen to myself clearly enough in my twenties. I was trying to conform because I thought that that’s what I should do. Now I realize that there’s nothing wrong with doing it the way that’s more natural to me, which is a little scrappy, finding my own way, making things happen on my own.


Don’t wait for someone to give you permission. In your twenties you can get caught up in this bubble of people approving and disapproving of what you’re doing. It doesn’t really matter. If want to do it, you should just do it. Nobody is there waiting to stop you. It’s really just yourself, so why wait for somebody to approve. Approve of yourself.


Make room for change in your life. Get used to it because that is the one line you can count on. Life happens. The juggle is certainly a challenge but you will figure it out.  You just have to stay focused on what is the here and now and realize that nothing is perfect.

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