Put On Your Steel-Toed Boots


“You have to put on your steel toed boots and think…. I am going to go out there and kick everyone’s ass.”


I love this quote that came out of a discussion, and a bit of a group therapy session, with two 40-something entrepreneurs.  With the extreme highs and lows all pushed together into every single day sometimes, it feels like you are starting over everyday.  And you just have to push through those lows. Call it another way of looking at fake it ’til you make it as this woman related, “It’s a con game. You have have to go out there and put on that face that says…yeah, everything is fine.”

Whether you are an entrepreneur or not….there are that days it’s harder to get out of bed roaring. Forget the glass slipper,  just imagine you have your steel toed boots on and get out there and kick some ass.



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