Working Through The Struggle – To Do or Not To Do


Today’s post is another answer to the 20-something who has spent a year working on her business idea, living at home and sacrificing any semblance of a social life. She is struggling to say motivated despite being close to getting her business idea going.  This 40-somehting recent entrepreneur gives her more working wisdom. Sometimes taking a break can lead to breakthroughs!


Dear 20 Something,

While I absolutely respect your determination and drive to make your business work, I fear you are missing out on what really makes life (and business) tick, relationships!  Go have some fun!  Give your self one day/night a week to have a life and a personal expense.  Your business idea will still be there the next day and you can pick up and resume working.  You may even get some great networking done in the process!  In my experience, money comes and money goes, but great friends, happiness and love are “priceless”.

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