Testing Your Limits is the Key To Unlocking Creativity


This the fourth in my series of lessons learned from Tropfest’s RoughCut film symposium in NYC last month.  In addition to interesting speakers and insider expertise, I got some great 40:20 Vision. I love going to events simply because they interest me and then realizing there is so much I can apply to my life and work. This is the fourth post (read the third here) based on the talk given by Jeremy Boxer, Creative Director, Film + Video VIMEO / Director Vimeo Festival and Awards.


“Experience is the best education. You will learn more from failure than success.” – Jeremy Boxer


Jeremy showed some videos that reflected his advice to embrace limitations.

  • Thrush, an entire relationship told through photos in five minutes.
  • Texting While Walking, and another made entirely on a computer cam.


Jeremy also shared Vimeo’s mission as a creative online video platform to empower people to tell stories in different ways.

“By embracing the limitations of film you can breakthrough and create things that people never thought would be possible..”


The 40;20 take-away –technology allows us to push our limits and learn. How can you push your limits?  Jeremy also lives by the credo, “Experience is the best education. You will learn more from failure than success.”  Good advice for anyone on the path to success.

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