A Single Woman Mantra

A few weeks ago I ran a post answering a 20-something woman who is  going through the “year of the wedding”. You know that year when every time you answer your phone or logon to Facebook you hear  “guess who’s engaged” or are faced with the awkward photo of “the ring” (see here for how 20-somethings feel about that).

Engagements come in rounds. Once one person in a group takes the plunge it gets everyone else thinking, so should we.. And the marriage parade (or panic) begins. One 40-something I interviewed reflected – “either be the first or last of your friends to get married because then you know you are doing it for you.”

Of course you are happy for your friends, but suddenly you feel like a one in a sea of twos. The young woman in question was looking for perspective on what to do when “spending time with your couple friends makes you feel bad about being single.”.  This answer just came in…the single woman mantra.

I’ve felt the same way and the truth is that boyfriend or not, I’m awesome and so are you. Sometimes I forget though, especially when I’m focusing on things that I “lack.”

So to start feeling good about myself when I’m down on me and life because I’m single, I make up an affirmation to say in the morning and night until I start to feel better. It goes something like this:

“Me and my life are as amazing when I’m single as when I am part of a couple. I’m amazing for being smart, creative, beautiful, and funny and my life is amazing for my apartment, my work, my friends, and this incredible city I live in.”

When I first heard the idea of affirmations I thought it was crazy and silly, yet I’ve had much success with it and hope you do too.

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