On Negotiation: If You Know Your Worth, Sweat It Out

Today, I’m sharing one 40-something woman’s message to twenty-somethings on walking away from an offer. For her walking away, as stressful as it was, was proof positive she was worth more!

“My last job change was the first time I really negotiated well. I walked away from the table.  I just graciously but emphatically said, “That’s not going to get me here.” Four hours later, they added 20% to my base salary. Ten, twenty, fifteen years ago, I never would’ve done that. It wasn’t overconfidence or cockiness. It was doing my homework and knowing my value and putting in a lot of time into talking to other people in the industry who know. But most importantly, you have to believe in yourself.  When you know your worth, you can walk away if you don’t feel good about a compensation package. You just have to be willing to say. “I’m not doing it.”

So yes it was four hours of discomfort and sweatiness but then I got 20% more. “Who knew?” Twenty year olds who have work experience should go into job offers realizing they are bringing something to the table. Frankly, I think I would have been more respected when I started out if I took more credit for what I had done. It’s saying, “You better take me seriously.”

I know it sounds all ‘rah rah’, but, if you’re hard-working, smart and can speak intelligently you probably have a lot to offer. Do your homework, know you’re worth and then, go home. Let them give you their best shot.”


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