How Do You Know When The Time is Right to Fire Someone?

Q. As a new manager with hiring / firing responsibilities, how do you know when it’s the right time to fire someone?


“If it looks like it’s not going to work then just make the cut. Boom. It’s better to have no person in a role than the wrong person.” – management consultant, entrepreneur


“Is it really the wrong person or the wrong goals?  I used to fire people at the first sign of trouble. It ended up slowing me down. Then one of my advisors, a more seasoned manager, told me the problem is that your goals are not clear enough.  I gave that person clearer goals and they ended up blowing it out of the water.” – business owner


“If you are considering letting someone go, consider whether you might need them in four months. By the time you go through severance and managing them out, you may need them again. Look at your business cycle.” – investment banker, entrepreneur


“It’s can be awful but if the person is not right, then the faster you cut the better. The alternative is that everybody loses.” – media industry


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