Three Gifts for a 20-Something (32)

Every time I interview a 40-something woman for 40:20 Vision I ask them what 3 “gifts” would they give a 20-something if they were a “Forty-Godmother”. Here are one woman’s gifts:


A trip to a place where one has rudimentary knowledge of the language and has to find multiple ways to express oneself.


The ability to shadow a person one admires.


A room of their own –something many 20 year old in the first world have but rare in the developing world.


Loved these gifts from Galia Solomonoff, an architect who moved to New York from South American when she was 19. She has led a life full with the richness of experience.  I look forward to sharing her insight in future posts. I had one build on her gift number 2. I thought it quite interesting when I asked her what you should know about becoming famous as she was talking about how many young architects express the desire to become famous. She said, “If you want to be famous, work for someone who is as you will see how very much of your self and your life you have to give up control over.”  Whether you want to be “famous” or renowned for your work or not, for anyone looking and exploring jobs or seeking inspiration, don’t be afraid to ask to shadow someone you admire. They will likely be flattered!

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