The Correlation Between Risk and Confidence

Yesterday The Savvy Intern ran one my posts on their blog. It was one of my favorite 40:20 Vision interviews on navigating the relationship between taking risks and gaining confidence. It’s the things you are most afraid of that you often learn the most from.  Today I’m re-posting it here for anyone who missed it!

You Have to Find Confidence… for Career Success

Posted on June 27, 2011 by youtern

“There’s a correlation between risk taking and confidence. I try to put myself in situations where I will find confidence. You have to find the confidence rather than just think you don’t have it innately.  I do things that challenge me that I know ultimately will make me feel great.”


Here’s one 40-something woman’s tale of her journey to confidence despite a lot of 20-something angst. For her, taking the risk to leave a job and figure out what she wanted to do gave her the confidence that led her on her way to knowing what she wanted and getting the career she wants.

On the insecurity of not knowing….

I didn’t know what I wanted to do when I graduated college. I moved to Chicago because all my friends did. I think I thought Oprah was going to call me up and say ‘I heard a really smart, cute girl is in town. Will you come work for me?’  But really, I was scared to death. Just insecure about everything. Not being not smart enough, skinny enough, worrying about boys. But I thought…I just have to work on some of this myself. I just have to get up and be positive and get through it.

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On getting the first job….


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