“Get Real Barbie” Gets It

Kudos to this 20-something girl who in an effort to combat the pressure women feel to be thin make a life size model of what Barbie would look like if she were a real person. WOW. If this doesn’t go to show the unrealistic pressures women face as we form our scripts for what we “should” look like.

40-something hindsight — we want to give 20-somethings the gift of “blinders” that would make you immune to judging yourself by other, unrealistic standards. As one woman said, “models are another breed”. Should a dachshund want to look like a golden retriever?  No. We also want to give you a mirror that looks inward so you see your true inner beauty too. And lastly, reassurance…that you will grow into loving your body and caring less about what others think. Love yourself.


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