You Aren’t Missing Anything

Yesterday I answered a question about whether to leave a job and friends to travel in your 20s. Almost every 40-something woman says yes — go see the world and you will see your world with new eyes.  Sometimes the world right out your door seems so interesting it’s hard to break away. This woman I spoke to shares her story of what she did miss out on by not breaking away:

40:20 Vision: What would you whisper in your 20-year old ear?

40-something:  You’re not missing anything.

You know, you’re not missing anything. So  your friends at the bar and you’re not. You’re missing drinking beer or going to some party…but in the grand scheme of things you’re not really  left out. When I was in my 20s, I was very social and trying to do everything. For me it was “If I don’t go, they might not invite me the next time so I’d better go to everything so I can make sure I can do everything and see everything.” It was fun for a while but easy to burn out on that. It wasn’t about me.  I was a player in this whirlwind. I don’t think anyone would film it as a reality show but it was just being a part of this group and all this stuff that was going on. I wasn’t making my own decisions. I was following in a way. It was lots of laughs but the strange thing is that you end up not knowing what makes you happy.  If I went back and could do it again, I would do pieces of it for sure. Being part of those experiences is what helps you become who you are but I wish I had traveled more. I kind of wish I would have moved somewhere else. I had all these grand ideas. But I just never followed through because I was so caught up in what was going on …and part of me was a little afraid. But looking back there was nothing to be afraid of but getting to know myself. — 40-something, Chicago, IL

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