Change is Good

I’m lucky. A friend of mine has great mantras. So I get to steal hers. One of my favorites is one that you have heard here before, “Of course you can, you’re an adult!” I think the idea of a mantra is to live by it and use it to reaffirm your choices and give you confidence.  So it’s interesting because she says her mantras change all the time…they vary by time and situation. And so today  for me it’s her take on “Change Is Good.

“Embrace change. Change is good…it promotes growth. It really does. People are terrified to change. It goes with ending relationships, getting a new job, finding a new apartment. Yes it is stressful, but through it the possibilities are endless.”

And here are two 40-something women’s reflections on changes they wished they made and now are making:

“I stayed at this one job for so long because I felt so comfortable there. It was a safe haven for me. I guess I just wanted to make sure everything stayed the same and I was scared of change because change is hard. I think telling a 20 year old if you feel like you need to make a change in your life, you should do it especially if you’re that young because it’s easier.  You can make changes at any time, but It’s a little easier when you’re younger. Actually it’s a lot easier when you’re younger versus now especially if you have kids and all those responsibilities. And if it’s the wrong one you have plenty of time to recover.  You can say, I tried that but didn’t like it. Then let me try something else. You can pick and choose the things that you want to do when you’re younger versus now.” – 40-something, married, working mom, New Jersey


“You can change at any age. I’m moving to Florida. I’ve got my plan B in action…at age 40. What I’ve learned is that you definitely have to push yourself to try new things.  At the point that you stop growing, I think that’s the point that you have to realize it’s time for a change. When you start to feel that you’re in that same routine and you’re in your twenties and you’re getting up and you’re doing the same thing and every day is starting to look the same and there is no change, I think that’s a very good indicator of when it’s time for a change.” – 40-something, divorced, working mom, Florida

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