Valentine’s Day for One and All

Refinery29 lists some fun “single” ideas for Valentine’s Day in NYC and Chicago. Check out your local listings for activities geared to singles on Valentine’s Day and have some fun. So often Valentine’s Day is depicted as this day where singles are either sad or bitter. The anti-Valentine’s Day party that Jessica Biel’s character throws in the movie Valentine’s Day for example. Of course this is changing as more people are staying single longer and loving it.  Singles parties abound, often called Anti-Valentine’s Day Parties. There are plenty of ideas for celebrating single-dom and having a little fun with it. This dinner listed in Refinery29’s anti-valentine’s day guide at the Library Bar  features menu items sure to give you bad breath as delicious way to seal your single status:)

“Library Bar’s executive chef Mark Spagenthal understands that when you’ re not stressing about the post dinner make-out sesh, dinner can be much more fun. That’ s why he’ s stocked the Anti -Valentines Day Menu with all sorts of delicious grub that will make your breath gnarly (roasted garlic) and your bib messy (BBQ spareribs). Singletons dig in!”

Valentine’s Day ideas are all about couples or singles. Who says it has to be either or.  It’s a nice reminder to do something nice for someone you love rather than proof that you are loved.  As one 40-something commented, “I think people take Valentine’s Day too hard. It doesn’t have to be all about romantic love or whether you are in a couple.  It is a day to celebrate the love all around you – your friends, your kids, your parents.”

One of my most fun Valentine’s Days was at a Valentine’s Party that a friend threw for couples and singles alike. Takes the pressure of of new couples not quite certain what to do and gives long time couples a fun change from the annual lets find a dinner reservation and buy overpriced roses. And of course, it gives singles a fun thing to do whether it be meeting other singles or mingling with friends old and new. So throw a non-discriminating Valentine’s party at your home or at a bar…you’ll be surprised how many people are grateful!

Would love to hear more ideas for fun things to do on Valentine’s Day.

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