Three Wishes for a Twenty-Something (8)


“A little money won’t hurt so you’re not always working so hard that you can’t look up a little bit. I think young people are working so hard that they don’t have time to look up and see what’s going on or sit back and think about what’s going on. They’re just doing. Do, do, do. Money does help you do that. I’m not going to give them a lot of money because that would be dangerous too. Just a little. Look up to see —  just make sure you’re going down the right path because you could be going the wrong way.  If you’re so busy being the task master and being the good soldier you might not realize your playing the wrong game.”


“Yoga classes.”


“Books that people have written —  the  stories of what other people have done. Everyone always wants to reinvent it. I think sometimes it pays a lot to hear what people have gone through. So biographies of people who realize everybody is doing the same thing. We’re all struggling with the same things.”

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