More Advice for the Unemployed

Some more excellent advice on what to do while unemployed.  How to stay proactive without getting discouraged is key so don’t be afraid to find some balance. And always keep you eyes open. This 40-something woman found a job she ended up loving while out of town for a wedding, playing pool at a bar!   While had periods of unemployment always ended up with the job she wanted.

“I have been unemployed a lot! Lots of advice!I recommend doing all you can at the beginning of the week. Complete EVERYTHING you can for the job search at the beginning of the week and then you can relax for the rest of the week, knowing you have done all you can. If anything job-search related comes up later in the week, take care of it right away. If you let your friends and family know that you are taking care of all you job-searching at the start of the week, you won’t get the inquisitive looks when you decide to go to the beach on Friday.

Tell EVERYONE you are in a job search. You never know who may be in a position to aid you.”

– 40-something, graphic designer

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