Surviving the Break-Up…It Will All be Okay

I heard a few really dubious break-ups stories over the holidays…from the now seemingly acceptable text message break up to Santa leaving a bag worse than coals — all your stuff and your keys. Really? It’s always the timing that confounds. One day planning a vacation, buying a house…the next day …it’s over. As hard as break-ups are, they are a part of life. If you can believe it, one of the things some 40-somethings miss from their 20s is the sheer strength of emotion that comes not only with your first love but also with those first pangs of heart ache. Every break-up will make you stronger. You need them in a strange way.  Appreciate your first, second, even third heartbreak. You need it before you find the place for your heart to call home.

Here is one woman’s excellent advice to all women — it will all be okay!

“Know that it will always get better. Believe that it will always get better whether it’s your next relationship, the women you meet in your life, your career. It’s all going to be okay. It always gets better. I don’t think any woman will die from any of the heartaches they’ve gone through. It’s always better on the other end. It sucks to go through it. It’s like time is your best friend and your worst enemy because the more time passes, the more perspective you have and the better things get. Yet while you’re in the middle of that time it doesn’t go as fast as you want it to and it just is awful.” – 40-something, married, working mom, Los Angeles, CA

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