He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not

“Don’t go out with someone just because they are interested in you. Know what you want.”– 40-something, married, mom, fashion designer, Brooklyn, NY

I have heard this sentiment from a lot of 40-something women. Looking back they realize that it was usually the men who were interested in them that they ended up going out with. Some women regretted this because they never got a chance to figure out what they wanted – what their type was. They  defaulted to the type of guy who goes after them.  A male almost 40-something recently added some insight to this advice. He related that a lot of otherwise confident, good looking, funny guys are insecure about approaching women without some encouragement. Women may limit themselves by only going out with the guys who approach them as they tend to be more Type A, aggressive an perhaps controlling. So try on a few different types so you can get to know what your type really is!

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