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What Leadership Capabilities Should I Focus On In My 20s?

April 17th, 2014 — 3:03am
Social Media Week

At the  7×7 Mentoring Salon I did for SMW 7 up-and-coming professionals / entrepreneurs posed their burning question to 7 experienced entrepreneurs and leaders. I'm doing a series of posts sharing the answers.  Today's question focuses on skills needed to become a leader. The mentors answers are  full of wisdom. I will share half today and the other half next week. Molly’s Question:  What is the best leadership capability that I should work on developing early in ... keep reading...

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What I Know Now That I Wish I Knew Then

April 15th, 2014 — 11:05am

Quitter: a person who gives up easily or does not have the courage or determination to finish a task. Ouch, online dictionary! How ‘bout this instead: Quitter: a person who is brave enough to know that a situation is unhealthy and has the courage to move on to something better. Now that’s more like it, with some explanation of course... Transition can sure feel like failure, because you’re making a conscious decision to leave something behind in favor of ... keep reading...

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Celebrating Lifelong Innovation…Who Inspires You?

April 8th, 2014 — 12:48pm
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Yesterday we launched the 2nd annual list of 40 Women to Watch Over 40. This list celebrates women over 40 who are disruptors, role models and innovators, creating momentum and changing the world.  My co-creator, Whitney Johnson, and I wanted to inspire "under-the-radar" 40-something female innovators to persist while motivating women in their in their 20s and 30s to see new possibilities.   The message that many women share at 40:20 Vision is that you have reset ... keep reading...

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5 Lessons Learned on Pitching from Industry Leaders

April 4th, 2014 — 12:31am
Social Media Week

I had a great time hosting a 7x7 Mentoring Salon for SMW in February. I’m just now catching up with the video, which you can see here. See the panel profiles here. 7x7 Mentoring Salons give people actionable advice to advance their career. I get together seven experienced leaders and seven up-and-coming professionals/entrepreneurs for a chance to have an advisory panel. Over the next few weeks I will share the seven questions asked and the mentors answers . The first ... keep reading...

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80 Vines, Two Sisters, One Dream — A Scrappy Startup Winery

March 28th, 2014 — 4:44am

  Over Christmas my parents and  I visited a winery started by Shannon Zouzoulas and her sister Megan Haller in the up-and-coming Sonoita, AZ wine region. I soon saw this was no typical winery even for a stroppy startup. The two sisters rebelled against the traditions of both marriage and the wine industry to start Hops and Vines, rejecting the assumption that their idea was “a pipe dream” and refusing to accept “that’s not the way ... keep reading...

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Calling all women CEOs…Psst…That Is You

March 14th, 2014 — 11:55am

Today’s post is a call to action to all ambitious women. This inspired "wish" is shared from on of my 7x7 Mentoring Salons.  ~ It’s so important to elevate your vision. If you just think, “I don't know what industry, what company or what place… but I'm going to be a CEO”. If you have the attitude that you’re going be a CEO, you already are a CEO. What does that mean if you say you are ... keep reading...

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