5 Things You Need to Know about Dating in Your Twenties

Some things about dating may change but others stay the same. It all comes down to you.  Today, five women share what they know now.


“The biggest attraction is being yourself. If you don’t care what he thinks, then you are okay being yourself when you are around him. Then he can only fall in love with the real you.” – 40-something, divorced, in a relationship, marketing exec, 44, LA


 “Don’t worry so much about what men think is sexy or what they like. You know what men like? They like women. A guy is not thinking about that spot on your thigh. I feel like because we are so inundated with media about what is sexy.  I know now that they want what I have. They just do. And it doesn’t’ require a lot of effort. That is just the way it is. I don’t’ think it has much to do with anything else. Unfortunately. But then when you know what you want you can pick and choose. – 40-something, fashion designer, wife, mom, Brooklyn, NY


“Let a guy be a guy. Let him make you feel like a woman. If want to date a woman you would date a woman. Respect that you are both human beings but you have different parts and make ups.” – 40-something, wife, mom, philanthropist, LA


“Don’t panic. The first time one of your friends gets married in your 20s, there is a sort of a state of panic. It’s interesting. My friends from school and I would all talk about who would get married and what that looked like. We all figured we would be married by the time we’re 25. Then 22, 23, 24, 25 just happened and all but 3 of us were married. I dated and had boyfriends but nothing ever really felt quite right. I remember going to all these weddings and you have a ton of fun at them but you wanted what you saw your friends having, even though they ended up not really having it because most of them ended up divorced. The age may be a little later but just make sure you are doing it on your timeline not your friend’s.” – 40-something, executive,  wife, mom


“You didn’t do anything wrong. In your twenties you question everything you do when you are dating. It was so hard. What are they going to think? Why didn’t call?  Now…what did that text mean? What did I do wrong? You didn’t do anything wrong. They just didn’t like you. Same with you…some guys you didn’t want to go out with again. Didn’t mean they did something wrong. Another thing to know is that guys are insecure and nervous too but we just didn’t know it. – 40-something, wife, mother, Cleveland, OH

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