Let’s Hear It For The Women – Starting Up and Starting Over

Let’s hear it for the women. An infographic (click here to see:  “Too Late To Start?”) recently made the social media rounds illustrating that yes — there is life after 35 for entrepreneurs. It features founders who launched a business after 35.  A good case to make, given the recent attention on ageism in Silicon Valley.  Unfortunately, they forgot the female founders.

A conversation quickly erupted, similar to a thread last year on Quora, generating a rich list of women founders over 35. In honor of our 40 Women To Watch Over 40 nominations this year, we turned the conversation into an infographic. Here you go…women over 35 Starting Up and Starting Over….and a shout out our 2013 40 Women to Watch Over 40 honorees…celebrating innovation of all types.  This list is  by no means exhaustive…rather just the start. We’d love to hear from you to add to the list!

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Do you know a women over 40 who reinventing, innovating and disrupting? Nominate them for 2014 Women To Watch Over 40 here!

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