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Want to know what disruption looks like? Meet the 40 Women to Watch Over 40 for 2013.  


The past few month’s I have been working on an initiative  called 40 Women to Watch Over 40 with Whitney Johnson, speaker, disruptor and author of Dare Dream Do, Remarkable Things Happen When You Dare To Dream. You may remember my What’s My Path article on Whitney!


The 40 Women To Watch Over 40 list celebrates women who are upending the perception that 40 is past your prime. They are reinventing, leaning in, and creating momentum that will be felt by those beyond their community and field.


We were thrilled to launch on Monday.  Whitney and I share a conviction that women over 40 have reached a point in life where they are better able to align purpose and passion, and are making a difference.  Ultimately, our goal is to inspire these under-the-radar achievers to persist, while giving younger women role models that are within reach.


I would share more about our inspiration and these remarkable women but this article says it all!  The list was featured in Forbes yesterday. Link HERE for the article.

“You always hear about the extremes: women that gave it all up to make it to the top or women that opted out,” said Vuleta. “There are a lot of women in the middle that are navigating both and coming into their own in their 40s.”


We also are very excited to share the profiles of each woman on PushPage.com – here are a few excerpts of the type of Q&A that you will find (but in a much more fun and visual format at PushPage. See all the profiles here:


What conversation to do you care about?

“The conversation about how to use new technologies, particularly digital technologies, to solve age-old problems, such as women dying in childbirth around the world, unsafe drinking water, illiteracy, violence against women, war, and how to overcome the profound inequalities of the birth lottery so as, in Hillary Clinton’s words, to allow every man and woman, boy and girl, on earth to live up to their human potential. – Anne-Marie Slaughter. Foreign Policy Expert, Princeton, Law Professor, assuming presidency of New American Foundation


Advice You Would Give Someone Looking to Get Into Your Field?

“Be persistent if it’s something you’re passionate about.  Venture capital is a tough business to enter and an even tougher one to stay in. Despite the headlines of the successes, there are many other ways to make more money so it’s something you need to do only if you truly love it (good advice for any field) and care about truly partnering with entrepreneurs.” Jalak Jobanputra, Managing Partner at FuturePerfect Ventures


Favorite Quote

“I invented my life by taking for granted that everything I did not like would have an opposite, which I would like.”Dominique Crenn, Chef, Owner Atelier Crenn, Winner 2 Michelin Stars

What Inspired You To Do What You Are Doing Today?

“I’ve often shuddered to think how differently my life might have turned out if I hadn’t been good at math. Seeing how math and programming were my ticket up, I’ve since tried to make the opportunity for as many others who would not necessarily have had it otherwise.”AnaMaria de Mars, founded 7 Generation Games in 2012, to develop educational games to teach mathematics, with an emphasis on meeting the needs of Native American students.


Most Influential Role Model or Mentor

“I don’t have just one. Throughout our careers we will need different things from different people. We need to be open to what the world will present. Not every mentor comes clad in a suit.”Bettina Sherick, Senior Vice President, International Strategic Digital Marketing at Twentieth Century Fox

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