The Apology You Should Never Make


A 40-something recently submitted a great reminder for women 20-someting and older alike. We hear so much about women stepping up to the table and speaking their mind. When you do, don’t apologize for being there! Her missive to young women:


I was recently at a pitch summit where 11 start ups founded by women pitched to our investment group.  They were spectacular and inspiring.  I was also struck by how apologetic they were. They apologized if the powerpoint got stuck, if they bumped into the table, and there were a lot of , “does that make sense?”.

I brought up my observation afterward and a couple of them thanked me. They said they were not even aware they did it.

Be aware of that, it does affect how you come across. In a world where confidence matters, it can be important.  And knock’em dead!


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