Three Gifts For A 20-Something (108)

Herewith, three “gifts” one 40-something would give a 20-something as their “Forty-Godmother”. What are yours?


   Don’t worry about being liked. Guess what? When people don’t like you, nothing actually happens. Reality is, it’s just not possible for everyone to like you. You have friends and family who love you and surely plenty of people who do like you. So don’t get hung up worrying about the person that doesn’t. You need respect, purpose and smarts to make it at work but being liked by all is not a pre-requisite.”


   What goes around comes around. If people need favors, do them. Particularly if they are not difficult. They will remember it. Then you will need something, not necessarily from them but from someone they may know, and they can return the favor. It’s career karma”


   Find something you are really interested in. Take time to find that one thing you enjoy doing that both inspires you and relaxes you. Then when you are doing something you are interested in you are interesting.”


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