Three Gifts for a 20-Something (106)

Today’s three gifts are from a panel at SXSW interactive festival. The panel was given by Jessica Lawrence, Executive Director of the New York Tech Meetup,  on the myth of the female amibition gap in tech. There is a great article on the panel here. Here are some wishes based on her panel!


1. Ambition.

“Find your own definition of ambition. It’s not one size fits all. Just because you don’t want a $25MM  apartment doesn’t mean you are not ambitious.”


2. Expertise. Own your expertise. You are super _______. 

“Don’t underestimate yourself. You are good at something. Give a voice to it. Silent voices don’t get heard.”


3. Take a step. Get on stage. You need to put yourself out there for other women to see. 

“And keep your eye open for opportunities to support women who want to be visible but don’t know how.”




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