What To Add To Your To Do List Today



Today’s a short post to share an interview I did with Bonnie Gleicher at BlackBookMag. She was an insightful interviewer and we had a fun time talking about 40:20 Vision’s inspiration and the development of the 7X7 Mentoring Salons — these are offline mentoring events where I curate groups of older / younger women for a chance to “have an advisory panel” for a night. So much fun. Below are a few highlights and to read the full article go here: BlackBookMag.

This question got at the idea that a certain kind of selfishness actually gives back….

What’s something someone said in an interview that’s resonated with you ever since?  One woman in California said, “I’m past the period of my life where I’m filling my life. Now I’m at the point where I am fulfilling my life.” I thought that was so insightful. You fill your life with things, and to-do things, and the fear of missing out, and then you come to a point where you finally allow yourself to become selfish. You focus inward, which actually leads you to give more to others.

This question gets at the truth that you eventually stop comparing (as much!). It comes in degrees and at different times perhaps, but eventually you stop focusing on what you should do and start caring more about what is right for you.

What quality did you find universal among all of these women?
That we’re always comparing the worst of ourselves with the best of others. We compare our inner insecurities with the outside picture other people show to the world. But everybody’s got their shit, which is why you have to care less about what other people think.

Eventually you learn everyone is more into their own business that spending too much time criticizing or analyzing your choices. That full length drama that is is going on in your head is but a 30 second commercial in someone else’s!

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