Forget Smelling The Roses…Stop and Look At Your Bricks

An architect I interviewed shared with me her appreciation of  slowing down and recognizing your progress step by step. In today’s fast- paced world we are all so enamored of overnight success. It’s easy to get frustrated and feel like everyone is passing you by – especially in your 20s. When you stop and check what you have accomplished it can be a powerful push to keep moving on!


“Imagine when you are laying a brick wall. Every brick feels like nothing. But at the end of the day you have 3 or 4 levels. At the end of the week it is incredible what you have done. Brick by brick. No one brick is earth-shattering…but it’s amazing what you have accomplished when you take a step back and look at it. We need more patience in our world today. We need patience for great ideas. When you have an overwhelming task or something that seems like it is not going anywhere…just break it down. In my day today — I will do x, y and z. It’s okay to be a turtle and walk slowly.”

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