Wisdom from Writers on Ideas and Inspiration

I went to an event last week at the Film Society of Lincoln Center and had the opportunity to hear Malcolm Gladwell speak along with his long time friend, fellow writer and producer Charles Randolph. I may share more later but here are a few “what I wish I had known then” pearls of wisdom. Both offer up advice to guide those started in their careers or looking for inspiration. .


Charles Randolph on inspriing creativity, getting over writers block which is a great metaphor as well for any 20-somehing trying to figure out their path and “find a passion”.

“Get into the world and what interests you. Why did this conversation, movie , story you heard at a party ignite you? What did it ignite in you? Write it down. If you don’t write it down you don’t own it. Listen to what moves you.”


Charles Randolph on staying motivated:

“I always leave and idea or something I’m excited about for [the first thing at work] the next day.”


Malcolm Gladwell on why thinking is productive:

“One thing I’ve learned as I have gotten older that I wish I had known when I was younger is the importance of just thinking. When I was young I thought it all had to be active engagement in a product or an outcome. Not all work can be measured by productivity.”


Malcolm Gladwell on letting go gives back:

“The way to get 40 ideas is to put one idea out there. People always ask me where my ideas come from. I don’t come up with them. I put myself in harms way. I tell people part of what I am working on and let them fill in the blanks. If you over-protect your ideas you are preventing yourself from 90% of what is out there.”

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