What I Know Now: Five Career Insights From an I-banker Turned Entrepreneur:

These five insights come from a 40-something woman who went from investment banking to starting her own business in her mid thirties. Her thoughts on what she learned as an investment banker that continues to help her and her business thrive today:


“Approach your job as an education. If you look at it as a job it is a missed education. If it’s not an education, move on. In investment banking I learned how to be a great professional, a trouble shooter. I learned how to interact with CEOs. I learned to understand financial statements. I learned due diligence. You can go anywhere with these skills. You should be able to put a spin any job you’ve had about the education learned and how you can apply that to the future.”


“Learn how to ask for help. It’s hard but it will earn you respect. You need a lot of help and support to be successful as an investment banker.”


“Earn a mentor.  You will earn the respect of someone who wants to help you or you won’t.”


“Don’t get your boss a gift, give your support staff a drink. When you are the one supporting the big bosses you need help.”


“Success is all about how you position yourself.  You define your position. Know that you do have the strengths and skill but then you work hard. And always think about the worst case scenario.”



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