Finding Your Path: Breaking the Rules…Then Making Your Own

We spend the first 20 years of our lives being asked what we want to be when we grow up. Then we spend the next 20 finding out for ourselves.

That’s the subject of my column at The Daily Muse...a community for women who are passionate about doing great things, at work and in life.

My last column featured, Michelle Madhok, CEO and co-founder of SheFinds. The first site to give women everywhere instant access to the latest trends and fashionable deals, SheFinds has been explosively successful, now incorporating two new brands (MomFinds and BrideFinds) and grossing in the seven figures.

Michelle’s first job at the forefront of new media for CBS was in many ways her dream job­—no boss, lots of freedom, meeting tons of interesting people. But as she climbed the corporate ladder she increasingly felt stifled by the large company environment and longed to be her own boss. She waited 10 years to reclaim her dream …but she did. Now she calls the shots and gets to do her favorite thing.

In the interview she shared  one thing she knows now that she wishes she knew when she was twenty. To find out how she got to this realization check out the full column at The Daily Muse:

What did you learn on your path that you’d share with women in their 20s?

I would have been more understanding of other people’s positions. I realize now that I didn’t always know the whole story. Think about how you can help other people—because you need allies to get things done. And read a lot of books about how to manage people. One of my favorites is First Break All the Rules.

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