How You Get Ahead When You Stop Comparing

In case you hadn’t seen this post about my learnings from yoga…applied to life, you can read it at The Huffington Post: How Yoga Taught Me to Grow Up and Stop Comparing“.  I’m not a active “yogini” but listening more in the classes I do take has taught me the value of not comparing myself to others. MeiMei Fox commented on the site that she loves yoga for what is gives to her:

 “I take it as a sign of my wise older age (nearly 40) that now I view yoga as a chance to reconnect with myself, get in touch with my spirituali­ty, and be healthy – sometimes that means a kick ass class, other times it means chanting and barely working at all… other times it is somewhere in between. Yoga always proves the best way possible to be in my body and out of my head, to feel my connection to the planet and others, and to just BE.” 

Her comment made me think. This post is not about doing yoga per se…it’s about realizing how much more productive, and positive,  you are when you stop comparing yourself to others and start relating to others and how you connect with them. That is the key to successful relationships both professionally and personally. And certainly something you learn from yoga!


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