A Different Take On the Jobs of Your Twenties

Today as I was looking through some interviews I happened upon a theme — 40-something women’s different takes on what your jobs should and shouldn’t be in your twenties. Good job!

“Approach your job as an education
If you look at your job as a job it is a missed education.
If not an education, move on.
You should be able to put a spin any job about what you learned and apply to future>”

– 40-something, entrepreneur, married, mom, New York City


“Don’t treat dating like a job in your twenties.
It shouldn’t be work to date.
Don’t be on of those girls on a mission – searching for the guy who meets her qualifications.
It should be fun. The most important thing is that you can laugh.”

– 40-something, executive producer, married, mom, Chicago


“I think some women do a really good job of being present and some other women don’t. If you know that your twenties are just a phase, they can be super-enjoyable. Just enjoy it for what it is and try not to worry so much about the future or what the future holds. Trust where you are.”

– Corporate HR exec, married, mom, Los Angeles


“Consider it your job in your twenties to explore. Try different things, explore different jobs (within reason), expose yourself to new things and try to find a passion. By the end of your twenties you can begin to connect the dots between what you are good at doing and what you love doing”.

– 40-something, marketing director married, New York City

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