Five Fun Links: 40:20 Perspective from the Montlies

I’ve been on a few long flights lately and indulged in reading some women’s magazines. In between fashion, fantasy and fun I found a few nuggets of 40:20 wisdom. Here’s the round-up:

Glamour Magazine

20 Things You Notice When You Are Not Drinking

I can’t account for it saving you poundage but it certainly does account for saving you money. A few 40-something friends of mine went on a two-week detox and started to feel guilty about how little they had to tip the waiter when earing out sans alcohol. Sarah Helpola has 19 other things you notice when you don’t drink. Certainly helps you realize what you want vs. what the booze wants.

10 Gifts to Give Yourself this Holiday Season

Yes, you do learn to be kinder to yourself as you get older – but there really is no reason to wait. My three faves: 1) Planning ahead for 2012 holiday so you don’t forget to TRAVEL; 2) A peace offering to someone you want back in your life; and 3) A professional brow shaping. One session gives you a template forever. So true!

Be Friends with an Older Woman 

The third one from Glamour is the third answer to the question, how would you finish the sentence, One thing every women should do is _______ . I have to love the advice to be friends with a much older woman:) As the author, ZZ Packer points out, only an older woman can offer “sadvice” – the advice you “are sad to take but know you need to heed”.

Marie Claire

In Marie Claire’s New Boss Survival Guide I found out the average American has 10 bosses throughout their lifetime. The article points out an oft-noted 40-something learning — loyalty only goes so far in the workplace. It is possible to make lasting friendships at work but you can’t count on a good boss lasting forever! People move on. This article serves up some interesting insights from the perspective of the new boss and some tips on how to warm up to them.

Abigail Pesta’s article about a the power of introverts shed light on their unique strengths based on a the new book, Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World that Can’t Stop Talking by Susan Cain. Turns out being shy and being an introvert are two very different things and introverts add much needed creativity and productivity to the workplace (in fact in China they introverts are admired as future leaders). This quiz is adapted from the book  Find out where you fall on the introversion scale.


Elle and Vogue were fabulously entertaining as well… still reading so perhaps next week!


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