Three Gifts for a 20-Something (51)

Herewith, three “gifts” this 40-something woman would give a 20-something if she were a “Forty-Godmother”. What are yours?


Travel, travel, travel. For sure have a career in your twenties but don’t worry so much about your career in your twenties.


Then don’t be willing to give it (your career) up so quickly when you have kids. Keep a hand in it.


To not be wishy-washy. Know what you want.

I was such a second child. I always went with the flow. Have an opinion and learn to be passionate about it. I think I’ve learned that the hallmark of a wishy-washy person is someone who doesn’t take care of him or herself; they take care of others. Now it’s interesting because I’ve made the switch. I don’t worry about other people at all. I really don’t.

There’s a lot of acceptance that happens in the forties. You just start to be okay with who other people are and who you are. I think it starts with being okay with who you are. Then you’re not looking for that perfect mirror. Right? Because we choose people that make good reflection for us when we feel like we’re missing something.

I hid from myself. I didn’t want to figure anything of this out about me. I never went to therapy in my twenties or was honest with myself. Now, I’m a little more willing to let someone have the information and get surprised by what they say.

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