I’m Not Sure You’re Right

I’m finally watched “Lady Bird” (that last minute run to get in all the Best Picture nominated films in advance of the Oscars). I lived in Sacramento for nine months in my 20s and couldn’t wait to get back to New York City (this should give you an idea why: Thanksgiving in Sacramento). Not that the city didn’t have some beauty, from the river and the California bungalows to it’s proximity to San Francisco and Tahoe. But I missed the energy of the city (yes that is New York City) as much as Lady Bird longed to experience it for the first time.

But what struck me today (as I watched the movie a second time) is the line that Julie says to Christine “Lady Bird” McPherson when she puts her name in quotations as she signs up to audition for the play. When Julie does the same with her name as Julianne “Julie” Steffans, Lady Bird tells her, “It’s not the same”.

Julie simply replies, “I’m not sure you’re right.”

Love that response. Just saying…it’s a good way to say someone is wrong without being confrontational. Not that there is anything wrong with being confrontational at times, but sometimes just letting them know that you know that they know it’s wrong, is just right!

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