A Call For 20:40 Vision

434076762600980_a-7c81b03b_JPW2VA_pmGood morning!

I don’t believe in luck. Well at least some types of luck. I feel lucky to have been born into this world in the United States and to have had a healthy childhood and the privilege of education and relative affluence. I feel lucky every time I walk into the subway station and my train is just arriving. But when I comes to work, I don’t believe in luck. The other day my collaborator over the years, Molly Ford Beck, said to me, “But don’t you think it is lucky that we met?”

Several years ago I was having dinner at a crowded restaurant in Union Square when I couldn’t help but eavesdrop on the two women at the table next to me. They were 20-somethings by my guess and talking about blogging and startups. I introduced myself and told them I was starting a blog called 4020 Vision. This led to an exchange of cards and drinks the following week. That woman was Molly and we began to advise each other and write our Flash Friday column here. So no I don’t think that is luck. It is where vision meets opportunity. Some people say luck is where preparation meets opportunity but I say vision. Because you have to see the opportunity for something and see yourself in that opportunity.

So now Molly is joining me in an initiative to bring more great content to 40:20 Vision. We are starting an ambassador program to tap into more wisdom across the country and bring it to the readers here. Read more about it below…and stay tuned!

Job description:

40:20 Vision is excited to announce that we are looking for smart, savvy writers to serve as our inaugural class of 40:20 Vision Ambassadors.

Our ambassadors will serve as 40:20 Vision’s eyes and ears in their local cities, supporting our mission of helping 20-something women get a head start on making great decisions about their career, life, relationships, and more using the collective wisdom of 40-somethings and beyond. Specifically, 40:20 Vision Ambassadors interview local women in their city who are a step or two ahead of where they are now to share their authentic stories with the 40:20 Vision community.  40:20 Vision creates the space to help women have light bulb moments faster as they hear from savvy 40-somethings and beyond about “what they know now that they wish they knew then!”

We’ll be looking for ambassadors who:

  1. Are interested in reaching out to women in their cities whose advice and life experiences would be valuable to amplify on the 40:20 Vision platform.
  2. Are proactive and excited to pitch story ideas or content to cover on 40:20 Vision.
  3. Can’t wait to spread the word about 40:20 Vision in your community via word of mouth, social media, and more.

What do our 40:20 Vision ambassadors get?

  1. Permission to engage with women who inspire. Writing an article or interviewing someone is a great “excuse” to reach out to women you admire. It’s win win. This gives you incredible contacts in your field and offers them a way to easily share their wisdom via a respected site in the space. We have found this to give back in spades! 
  2. Opportunity to work firsthand and be mentored by an innovative, women-led team.
  3. Great ad for your resume.
  4. Clips, references and recommendations for future opportunities.

We’d love to hear from you! To apply, please fill out this google form: Ambassador

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