Have A Midlife Crisis Every Ten Years

pexels-photo-medium-1Perspective from a 40-sometthing serial career disruptor! From design to product development, publishing, global brand development, entrepreneur…and more.


“Ideas are great but if not acted on  – they don’t mean much.”

“Life is a jigsaw puzzle. You may know the big picture but you don’t know where the finish is. Each piece of the puzzle is important — it’s something need to do to complete the picture.”

“If you don’t seek it out you won’t find it.”

“If you’re not doing it, someone else is. That’s New York City.”

“If you get a chance to work overseas…grab it. It’s like getting an MBA. For me it was a wake up call to a whole other world out there.”

“Have a midlife crisis every ten years. I’ve totally changed direction every 10 years.. It’s aligning where you are with where you want to go and re-assessing what is possible.”


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