What I Am Thankful For Now


I often say I don’t believe in luck. When it comes to achievements don’t dismiss your abilty to spot an opportunity and apply your strengths to go for it is not luck. But I thank the world for the luck I have had with certain foundations…thinks you can’t just decide. These are think things I am thankful for now, that I wasn’t’ in my twenties;

  1. My health: in my 20s I just didn’t give it second thought. We tend to think we are somewhat immortal in your 20s…even if we push our body to the limit we have a long way to go to make up for it! Thank you for the body and immunity I have had so far and that the all nighters didn’t cause too much damage! Treat your body with love and realize things do catch up so choose your vices wisely.
  1. My family: we all have crazy in our families but thankfully mine are all good crazy. I am lucky. But it’s more about just being able appreciate my time with family without FOMO …and realizing that the things that bugged you when you were younger, were really not that big of a deal. Parents, siblings are just people too. I know see the unique things we all bring to the table.
  1. My brain. Sometimes I am amazed at how it works. Love to make connections that aren’t so obvious right away. Thankful for the curiosity I have to explore more and do more. Keep learning.
  1. My optimism. I am lucky that even when things are dark, I tend to see the light. I have come to say my happiness is naturally buoyant. Thing can suck in one part of your life but that doesn’t mean you can’t still take pleasure in other parts of your life. Even just looking around you and seeing something of beauty can make a bad commute or bad day better.
  1. My support system. My friends of course. But also know that you may have a cheering section you didn’t even know you have. You’d be surprised when you need help how many people would step up. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

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