42. Not The Movie About A Great Baseball Player


A beautiful birthday reflection from a a 40-something…


Turned 42 last week. Feels okay…suits me, in fact. Nice even number matches up nicely with the earned creases around my eyes, the still taut tummy and an increasing ability to care less about both. I remember when I was 12 or so…looking at my mom, who was then 42, and thinking she was the coolest, smartest, most real and beautiful woman I had ever seen. I thought if  I could one day manage to be like her, I’d be okay. I think I’m doing my part. Things are getting easier, not harder; I like myself more, not less; I appreciate more than I chagrin. I will write something down more often than think about writing something down. I will try. — 40-something, CMO (and writer at heart) , NYC

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