Don’t Let Fear Force You Into A Hiding Place


Five 40-Someting Insights on making changes and goals – a good way to start the new year!


“Thinking that you know yourself well enough at 20 to know what your career should be for the rest of your life because you’re going to change five times at the minimum before you evolved enough to pick a career that really suits you. There’s just no way to be that evolved at 20.Go slowly in spite of all temptation. Otherwise, don’t rush to climb the ladder and realize a decade later this isn’t even who you are and what you want, what you enjoy doing. It’s natural to be afraid but if you let that fear force you into some hiding out in a job.”  – 40-something, producer, LA


“When you’re in your twenties you have a lot of time but no money and then later on, you have no time and you have money. Take advantage of it…not needing a lot of money and take time to go travel and have experiences rather than focus singularly on getting right on the track. These experiences help you get to know yourself.”  – 40-sometihng, hotel owner, SF


“Get rid of the weeds in your garden, I look at my friends as flowers. Then I have some friends that are weeds. Sometimes it’s hard to get rid of the weeds in the garden because we share history and time and years. But I needed to get rid of them because they were actually hurting some of the other flowers in my garden. It was sapping too much of my good energy for the time when I could be with my friends now that I am a mom and all that. I think it is a really good analogy of weeds in your garden. Whether those are girlfriends, boyfriends or on the job.” – 40-something,  executive, Chicago


“Volunteer at places where people are not like you. They can use your help regardless of what it is. Just seeing how other people live grounds you and makes you a much happier person.” – 40-something, Cleveland, Artist


“I felt like was in a box (when I was staying in a unhappy relationship) and when got out the box it was like ohhh my god the possibilities of life and people and color and fun and men.  I can stay out as late as I want and do what ever I want. I met a ton of people and ended up dated a bunch of different men. I couldn’t believe I was attractive to people because I had lived in a box for so long.  Not making myself available. It’s exciting.” – 40-something, Brooklyn, entrepreneur

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