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A few weeks ago I was having coffee with the lovely Anna Curran, founder of Cookbook Create and The Partnership Series. I love the concept behind Cookbook Create, a collaborate online cookbook platform. In Anna’s own words:

Cookbook Create is helps people publish their own cookbooks with recipes that matter to them. We believe that the internet has the power not only to connect people more, but to connect them more deeply, and we want everyone to have the ability to tell their cultural story, the story of their way of life through how they share food with their loved ones.”  – Anna Curran on Whiteboard.

Immediately following my meeting with Anna I was doing a podcast interview on 40;20 Vision. As I got up to leave Anna passed on her three tips for speaking — so simple and yet so clever. Here they are so you too can sound smarter

1. People can hear a smile in your voice. So even though no one can see you speak with a smile.

2. Choose your talking points and stick to them. If the interviewee asks off topic questions just say, “That is interesting but I think a bigger point is, a more relevant point, etc.”

3. Sit on the edge of your seat. It makes your voice more clear and strong.

Great reminders before any kind of speaking!


To learn more about Anna and her business, visit the Cookbook Create website.  You can also connect on Twitter at @CookbookCreate and @AnnaCurran 




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