How To Take Control of Your Financial Life (Ergo Your Life)


Finding financial independence is always a hot topic at 40:20 Vision. At first it seems so boring to have to worry about saving money when everyone is telling you to experience life. And retirement — so far away! But the reality is we do need to plan – and yes that means even in your twenties. And once you get over the initial fear, confusion or just plain avoidance, it can be fun. It’s actually what gives you greater freedom to plan your dreams.

DailyWorth, a community of women who talk money, delivers practical tips on personal finance daily.   And now they are offering Money Clarity, a four-week virtual eLearning program to help you take control of your financial life.  What I loved when I read about this program was that it creates a space to open up real conversatoins about money, going beyond the “skip the mocha mocha double-something high priced coffee” and getting into the big picture of your financial future with practical tools. Find out more about the program here:  The deadline for signing up is January 30th so act now if you’re interested.

Now for some financial 40:20 Vision in action.   Daily Worth Founder Amanda Steinberg shares “what she knows now about personal finances”. And 20-something technology entrepreneur   Adda Birnir shares what she loved about Money Clarity.

On what I know now about money: 

 “In my 20s, I assumed that if I just focused on earning more, I’d eventually, magically one day have money. I peaked past $200,000 a year, and couldn’t afford my mortgage because I’d built a life that was far too expensive. Problem is, too often we continue to increase our spending as our incomes increase. I didn’t actually begin accruing my own wealth until I learned how to save. Saving money has less to do with how much you earn, and more about how you develop habits (even automations) that move money out of checking and into specific accounts. The earlier you learn this the better. – Amanda Steinberg, CEO, Founder, Daily Worth


On Money Clarity…

“It was wonderful to have a place to go and talk openly about money. I felt so much love and learned so much from other classmates.”  — Adda Birnir, technology entrepreneur


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