Three Gifts for a 20-Something (98)

I loved these three gifts from a 40-something submitted by reader Tammy Renzi.  Here are the three gifts she would give a 20-something as their “Forty-Godmother”. Look for more life and love wisdom on her blog, The Great Jolly Hoobah, that she writes with her husband. Be sure to check it out here.



Take care of your body with daily exercise and healthy eating – taking care of your body is taking care of your brain


                           Stop trying to please others – be kind, but do not spend years not taking action just because someone
in your life might not like it.


Be a good listener – instead of just thinking about what you will say next, listen to the other
person with an open mind.

You are always a work-in-progress, and will never “get there” – change and growth are good things!


Thank you Tammy. Readers — what are your 3 gifts?

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