7 Rules To Start Living By to Grow Into Leadership

Today’s post shares some insight from a 40-something woman and high level executive in the financial industry. She talked with me about a few of her tips for succeeding in a tough and competitive field based on her experience and mentoring work specifically in finance.


  1. Lead by example. Don’t tell someone to do something if don’t do it yourself.”
  2. Lean forward when you are talking in a meeting.
  3. Sit at the head of the conference room  table / towards front whenever you can.
  4. Assert yourself from the very beginning. Never let go first with handshakes.
  5. Don’t be that  “I don’t get tech / I need help” person. Figure it out. It’s a sign of competence. Use your brain.
  6. Don’t be a afraid to ask a mentor for help but always come in with your own perspective first.
  7. Get some experience under your belt of hiring and firing sooner than later.


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