Three Gifts for a 20-Something (87)


Herewith, three “gifts” one 40-something would give a 20-something as their “Forty-Godmother”. What are yours?



Yesterday I was walking down the street and passed a young woman who was upset and saying into her cell phone….who am I going to call when I am 35 and all alone. Dear 20-something, please know that you can be 35 and not all alone even if you are not married / with a partner. My wish is for you to be in love with yourself and with life. You will be surprised at how much joy and “not aloneness” you will attract.


Sometimes it takes 20 years to realize how awesome you are. I recently heard someone say that millenniels have self confidence but no self worth. I think maybe there is some truth in that. I wish you self worth. Never doubt yourrself. And that doesn’t mean that you deserve something better it means that you have to learn not to compromise. Get creative in figuring out a win win that is right for you.


A place to live on your own in your twenties. Enjoy it.

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