Three Gifts For A 20-Something (86)


Herewith, three “gifts” one 40-something would give a 20-something as their “Forty-Godmother”. What are yours?


Openness.  Don’t pre-judge. I never would have dated my husband in my twenties. I was type A and thought I wanted a type A person who was very ambitious and worked in a big industry. But then I got more relaxed, perhaps as I came into my own in my career, but I was open to seeing that people can be ambitious in different ways. I was more interested in finding out what their ambition was and how we fit than discarding someone based on the superficial.


Your own nest egg. I was very driven and loved what I did. I was successful and I am proud of it. At the same time I was smart about my money…so I have saved and created a comfort zone that now I can take time off to be with my child. I don’t regret it for a minute. I may go back to work but I don’t feel guilty. I earned this time. I am lucky perhaps. But making and saving money gives you flexibility in your life to do what you want.


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