3 Real Life Dating Lessons


Today a 40-something reflects on her 20-something dating days…from signs he’s the one, to signs he’s definitely not!


It’s fun to date for fun. Don’t rush…

“I dated many men in my 20s and had so much fun. My experiences opened me up to new music choices, cuisines, political views, and so forth that are still with me and a part of me today in my early 40s. Not to mention that although I didn’t end up marrying any of the men I dated in my 20s, I did end up with some great friends along the way who are still in my life. There should be no rush and no pressure to get married. It will happen in due time. Just go with the flow and enjoy whatever opportunities arise. Internet dating is a great learning experience for me about who I was and what I ultimately wanted in a future partner. Give it a try!!! Plus, if you meet someone in your everyday life that you’d like to go on a date with; don’t wait around for him to ask you, go ask him yourself!!!”

How to know he’s the one…

“He’s “the one” when the rose colored glasses come off and you know you can’t live without him in spite of his faults (we all have some). Don’t get married until you know what kind of man you are marrying; and then, don’t try to change him. It’s one of the biggest mistakes women make, and we do it all the time. Love and respect him for who he is, and your odds of a happy marriage will skyrocket!”

And the # 1 sign a guy is not ready …he tells you…

“If a man tells you who he is, believe him the first time. Everybody knows a guy who said he didn’t want to get married and he ultimately did, but in general, if he says he doesn’t want to get serious, or he’s a flake…or whatever…even in jest, believe him. He’s telling you something important. Listen to him.”

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