Three Gifts for a 20-Something (77)

Herewith, three “gifts” one 40-something woman would give a 20-something if she were a “Forty-Godmother”. What are yours?



To realize that happiness is not a guy….or having a relationship / significant other. The richest relationship you will have is with yourself. And it is the one that you have to honor. Never be afraid of doing things that “society” says are for “twos’ as a one . Go to the movies, restaurants and weddings alone and fearlessly. You will learn more about yourself.



To not apologize. When you find yourself apologizing for everything it is a sign you have lost touch with yourself and are reacting to what someone else thinks you should be good at or think.



Learn how to prioritize. It doesn’t just happen. Make a list of all the things in your life and rank them. It will help you focus on what you want rather than float through your twenties.


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