The Real Way to Live in the Moment



“You should try to be present in the here and now. You’re either thinking about what’s next from a work perspective or about what your friends are doing. Where is the next party? Where is this and where is that versus being really present and listening to what’s happening with you. How do you feel about what you are doing?”  – 40-something, man, 2 children, executive, Los Angeles, CA


“We  called it chasing the phantom. When you are in one place and you can’t stop thinking about the next place and what you’re missing out on.  What you’re missing out on is engaging with the people you’re with and the places you are. You know those nights that you go from party to party … place to place trying to find the fun.  And then you get there….and you realize that it’s not as fun as it was when you weren’t there.  If you put your energy toward having fun with the people and places where you are…you will create and attract the fun.”  – 40-something, married, marketing director, Columbus, OH

It is your attitude that will make you happier not what is actually happening in your life.”  – 40-something, married, mom, finance, Stamford, CT

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