When Emotional Investment Doesn’t Work


In your twenties you can be very emotional. Sometimes those emotions can blind you from seeing the goal. Keep your eye on the goal in work. You just can’t stay emotionally attached to something that is not working. There is just simply a lot that won’t work and you have to learn to see the bigger picture. At a startup…you constantly have to learn and fine tune and pivot. That may mean giving up pieces of your idea…your baby, but if it’s where the market or customer is, you have to listen.

It’s the same in a company. You may have a great idea for a client, or have written a great proposal, or whatever it may be…no matter how emotionally invested you are in it…if it can’t be executed or it doesn’t meet the goals or fit the strategy…or your boss re-writes it….you have to be open to change and the input of the team and see the bigger picture. In the end, that is what will make you a leader. – 40-something, from corporate to entrepreneur, New York, NY


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