Never Stop Asking Questions

“All I have to do it say to myself, ‘is there ever a reason why I should know this?’ No. Okay I can ask. You can ask a lot to questions. You meet people are who are experts in an area and you can have the simplest questions [you feel stupid to ask]. But ask. They may be thrown off at first but then they realize you shouldn’t know.  You have never been exposed to people who would know. I make it a point to never stop asking…there is no reason you should have known.” – Pooja Sankar, founder of Piazza

I loved this insight from a young 20-something woman and now entrepreneur who at one point was afraid to ask questions. She was from India and in tech and found studying at college and her early career isolating as a women who tended to be shy. She came to the realization that if you just a) realize there is no reason you should know and b) explain that to the other person….they will open op. It hits on what many women say, when you ask someone to share what they know, they usually will oblige…and love doing it! They are complimented. This inspired her to start Piazza, a Q and A platform to better support students while still in college.



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